Nokia 2115i - 3. Text entry

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3. Text entry

You can use two methods for entering text and numbers:

Standard mode is the only way to enter text into the contacts list, and to
rename caller groups.

Predictive text is a quick and easy method for writing messages and creating a
calendar note.

Standard mode

Text (Abc)

Press a key once to insert the first letter on the key, twice for the second letter,
etc. If you pause briefly, the last letter in the display is accepted and your phone
awaits the next entry.

Press 0 to enter a space and accept a completed word.

Press 1 to enter a period (.).

Press * to display special characters. See more about special characters on the
following pages.

Press # to change the text input mode. The following icons (not the descriptions)
appear in the upper left of the display screen:

Uppercase text: standard mode is on.

Lowercase text: standard mode is on.

Sentence case text: standard mode is on.

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T e x t e n t r y


Numbers (123)

To switch to 123 mode from Abc mode, press and hold # at any message entry
screen until the icon in the upper left corner of the display switches from Abc to
123 (or vice versa).



to backspace the cursor and delete a character.

Select and hold


to backspace continuously and delete characters.

Punctuation and special characters

While at any text entry screen, press * to display special characters (press and hold *
if predictive text is on). To navigate through the list of special characters, use the
scroll key. Once a character is highlighted, select


to insert the character into

your message.

Predictive text input

Predictive text input allows you to write messages quickly using your keypad and
the built-in dictionary. It is much faster than the standard mode method, because
the phone guesses the words as you type them.

Activate or deactivate

At any text entry screen, select



Predictive text


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T e x t e n t r y


Text entry

This example describes text entry using predictive text. To write the word "Nokia"
with predictive text on, press each of the following displayed number keys once.
This illustration shows the text displayed on your screen as you press 6-6-5-4-2.
Predictive text estimates which of the three or four letters corresponds to the
number on the keypad you pressed, as shown:







When using predictive text:

Press 0 to enter a space between words.

If a displayed word is not correct, press * to display another match. To return to
the previous word in the list of matches, select



If ? appears after a word, select


to add the word to the dictionary.

Press 1 to insert a period into your message.

Press and hold * to display special characters. Press * again to cycle through all
available characters.

Press # to switch predictive text on or off and to use predictive text in various
modes. As you press #, the following icons (not the descriptions) appear in the
upper left of the display screen:

Sentence case text: predictive text is on.

Lowercase text: predictive text is on.

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